Jamina lost in the African Jungle

Jamina was playing hunters in the dehydrated grass and in the blistering heat. First Jamina stalked a `pride of lions then shot a rhino. Facing danger, she realised that she had wandered too far. Worried and nervous, Jamina took shelter where she hoped she was away from the vicious animals . Jamina was lost in her thoughts and lost in her own world. She was lost in a sea of green…

Lonely and abandoned, Jamina felt like she had no family. Jamina could sense danger . Thud! Thud! A lion was running. Thud! Thud! It ran straight past Jamina. She was desperate to see a sigh of life. Scanning the area, like a radar Jamina felt like she was the only human in the whole entire world. Night approached! Suddenly Jamina plunged into the dark. Dark stalker shadows edged closer and closer like an untouchable animal…


the hunter

In the savannah , Jamina and granddad were following the honey bird into the forest to get honey. During the day , Jamina heard lovely birds singing in the dehydrated savannah . On the horizon ,ripples of heat were shimmering over the river . Up above the saffron orange sun rises in the pictureress horizon while granddad scans the area for animals like lion , zebra , giraffe and an elephant .” Maybe you’ll want to get another job ” the old granddad said . While talking granddad saw six giraffes . Jamina kicked pebells on the ground angrily .  ” I definitely will be a hunter I have always dreamed to be one.”

Playing hunters she pretends to shoot a midnight black rhino, track a lion and take down a mighty elephant. Then she realised she was alone. Worrying, she bellowed for her granddad but her granddad was nowhere to be seen . She could sense danger around the area as she walked away from the place . Warned not to go alone in the forest by your own she realised what her dad said,  ” If your on your own follow the herds “. Vultures were high spinning for food.

She heard a shill cry of an elephant as she went through the forest to find were the noise was  coming from . Soon she found a baby elephant crying of over the death  of a daddy elephant or mummy elephant. Jamina said ” don’t cry little one i’ll help you go back home . They were both alone , lost, hungry and thirsty . While strolling, night aproched and both were even cold . Black clouds started raining and the elephant almost gave up but he carried on . No shelter near …



the Hunter

Strolling in the African savannah, Jamina and granddad followed the honey bird. “maybe you’ll find a different job when you are older.” said granddad. While walking, granddad looked for honey. While playing hunters, Jamina carefully watched for elephants. Jamina replied,”I can’t wait to be a hunter when I grow up.”

After a few minuets, Jamina was playing hunters she pretended to shoot a rhino, tracked a lion and stalked a giraffe. Suddenly, Jamina realised that she was alone. Grandad was no where in sight so she started to call out. Then, she started to give up. Jamina remembered what her parents warned her not to go in to the bush alone.

Suddenly, Jamina heard a shill cry of an elephant and her instinct told her to help it.

lost in the african jungle

Thursday 23rd February  2017

While playing hunters, Jamina realised she was lost. Her game went to far in the woods. Suddenly, the dark clouds appeared filling the area. The sun light faded and it took minutes for the sun to become dark. “I don’t know what to do!” spoke Jamina as she walked through the muddy dehydrated grass. Then a rain storm approached which could lead to danger. She was desperate to see Grandad .

She walked deeper into the forest trying to find a shelter. it was not safe and she felt danger. All of a sudden the wind howled and got stronger. At that moment her heart was pounding the wind and the rain got stronger and heavier every minute. Jamina could not find a way back home.