Fusion of colour’s on an ever lasting rainbow  in the powder, blue sky .

Colour’s splatted on a  blank page like cloud’s in the sky .

A volcanic eruption of vibrant ,red colour’s .

The powerful and  masterpiece of a human skill.

Beautiful and calm butterflies flutter in the meadow.

Plain ,white paper awaiting it’s fate to become a no.1 piece of art

fear and hope

fear is …

jet black spiders crawling around the wall.


one falls!

snakes slither on  the blood red floor!

walking onto the stage with a massive audience.

crippiling night mares.

surrounding,the wind howled like a wolf

hope is..

a rainbow of clolours lighting my path

flower blossoming

beez buzzing

sun glistens


Art is

Huge volcanic eruptions of vibrant paint being splattered onto a page

A fusion of colouers on an ever lasting rainbow

Dancing crayons glide side to side on a colouring book

gentle movment of lead carried by a hand

Mind field of  art and masterpieces cover an enormas space

Blazing golden sun setting over the azure crystal like water

Shimmering sparkling glitter covers everything

Everything is art and it always will be