Imagine a place where you get a potion lesson every day where you have to where black cloaks and ties where the tables are dusty well this is that place a place of your nightmers

sometimes the muttrings of childern travel through the air carefully cobwebs hang pecaiously on the wall surrounding the room dove white pillars are supporting the celing

silently the bitter chill wind manders between the tables

snape who is a teacher hates harry stomping through the door he glears at his class room  his eyes are like a black tunnel that never ends slowly he walks over to harry and says

why are you not paying atenchon he spoke in a monotonous voice slowly he covers his

cloak around him



Imagine a place where magic is everywhere where ice-cold air sends up your spine where dust is everywhere well this is that place.

Surrounding the tables potions are left on shelfs to rott away Gripping onto the door snape comes storming into the classroom slamming the door behind him .also there are fragile cobwebs hanging precariously on the dusty brick walls Below dull-white pillars sit there waiting to be polished . Dusty old books are coverd in dust.

Snape who is a cruel nefarious class teacher dosent like chikdren.Jet-black beady eyes stare and glare menacingly at the children. Snape was angry.angry because harry did not answer his question. Also a glimmer of light shines through the pale-blue window. Also snape wraps his sky-black cloack around him .


All around, muttering of children travel through the air. surrounding large brick walls are covered with fragile cobwebs hang precariously. Across are wooden dust covered tables with bubbling dangerous potions on the top. Tall dove white pillows support the chamber ceiling from collapsing. Bitter winds welcome its self in through the blue stain glass windows. Jars with potions and pickled animals fill the room with an awful smell. Imagine a place with potions fizzing up with pickled animals trapped in jars well this  is that place. Below is a grey dust floor with stains all over it. Snape who is a mysterious stern teacher bangs the door as he stomps  in. Rudely black beady eyes are like a dark tunnel glaring into Harrys eyes. clutching Snape grabs his long jet black cape and swings it around his body like a creature of the night. “What are you doing mr potter.” Snape sweeps along the floor like a creature of the night. “Mr potter our new celebrity.”

Snape and his classroom

Imagine a place where the stench never ends  where children mutter where you can smell  rotten animials in jars well this is that place the place of your night mares

the class room is horrendous . horrendous because dead wood lice  are scatted across the floor whilst the door sprays dust in your face when it shuts . surrounding the room are dust covered tables with smokey potions sitting on them also there are rotting animals also sitting there in jars . all around are large brick walls lined with black jars. also the steam makes a really bad stench in the air

Snape who is a nefarious wizard is jealous of harry potter.

snape is a discruptive charcter sternly he wraps his claak around himself all the students fall silent when he walks in and shouts “there will be no silly wand waving in this class”


Imagine a place filled with death poisoning potions were its dark cold and terrifying were its dark cold and terrifying were all your fears live ,well this is that placed ,a place of terrors All around dust covered tables fill the room. Suroundidng the room huge, giant like pillars fill the room terrifying the children as they work. Quietly children talk about how potions are being made. In the corner doors slam shut as the children work nicely in their pairs. Up above cobwebs hang precariously waiting to fall. In the middle of the room a strong silver metal coldren sits waiting to be used. As candle lights attempt to light the room cold, breezes are passing through the room. Across the room the stench of rotting fish and other horrible odres start to fill the room.

Snape, who is a evil wizard, hates children especially Harry potter. Menacingly staring at Harry Snape tries to mock Harry by saying ah Harry our new celebrity. Unsespecting children wait until Snape has finished talking.


Imagine a place where dust lives, where potions grow, where your nightmares come true; well this is that place.

All around mutterings of children travel through the air. Large, brick walls stand tall with fragile cobwebs hanging down precariously. Surrounding the room wooden ,dust-covered tables are benches for cauldrons. Rarely, glimmers of light enter the room through the isolated stain glass window. Across the classroom, dull-white pillars support the ancient ceiling. Filling the room a pungent stench of rotten potions and animals filters. On top of the shelves are jars filled with potions and pickled animals!

Snape, who is a nefarious,strict teacher, makes everyone shiver. Quickly, he stormed through the door and swept up to his sanctuary and glared at the unexpected children. Wrapping his cloak around himself Snape’s black beetle eyes stared at every student, ” Harry Potter, our new celebrity.” …..



All around, over sized candles attempt to light up the whole room.Wooden,dust coverd tables wait for student’s to come.Surrouding ,dull ,white pillar’s stand’s in corner to hold up ancent celing of the chanber.Across ,the room,posion of animals rot in glass jars and filter a horrdous stench.Loudly, the muttring of  children spread though the air.Fragile spired webs hang precariously.Isolated stian glass window stands out in the class room.

Snape, is a strickt teacher, mokd Harry because he is jealous. Stoming through the door, Snape gives mencing stare’s at unexpected students. Slowly,wrapping himself in his mid-night black,full cloak.


All around,muttering of children travel through the air.Across the room large,briks walls cobwebs hang precaiously.Often dust coverd tables are ready to break.Light enters the room through the stiant glass window.Dull wite pillers are all around the room.surrounding the room over sized candles lite the room.

Snape who is evil, wants Harry to die.Stomping loudly Snape stormed though the door.Jet black beady are a night mare for children .wrapping his cloack around him snape yelled at Harry,”Some decide to not pay atition? “.Sweeping like a creature of the night snape moves round tyhe room.


Imagen a class room were potions are all around you,were animals in glass bottels well this is the place your nightmare.All around are dirty white pillers.Diffrent size candels attemped to light up the room. Strong horrifing wind smashes open the windo. Children wispering to there frends ears.Coldrens wating to be used siting on the tabels.Unexspecting potions wating to be smashed.

Snape,who is nerfaious and dark, he wants harry potter dead. ” Mr.potter are celebrity.” Swifftly snape sweeps across the dungens .Also hes trying to imbaress him. Wareing a pich- black cloak he moves through the tables.


Imagine a place, where jars are filled with potions,where cobwebs hang precariously,where children mutter:well this is that place.welcome to the land of wizards.

Entering the room the sound of muttering children can be heard.Also,fragile cobwebs hang precariously whilst spiders crawl.In the corner of the room a black, dusty door is about to fall any minute now.Sometimes light approaches into the room through the isolated stained glass window.All around, over sized candle’s attempt to light the room but fail miserably.Across the room jars are stacked with potions and pickled animals waiting to be used by the children.

Snape,who is a teacher at Hogwarts,wants to get rid of Harry by mocking him.Also black beady eyes are like dark,threatening tunnels. Snape is nefarious (wicked) because he kills living animals ad makes them into potions.Speaking in a monotonous tone Snape asked a question,”What are you doing Mr potter?” Wrapping his cloak around him Mr potter another question to make him look foolish.