Making a volcano!

The children have been very interested in volcanoes and how they erupt after reading about one in a story. So we made our own volcano and made it erupt using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to cause the eruption. The children really enjoyed making it erupt and by the end of the session could remember the instructions that they had to follow to make the volcano erupt. We watched Nina and the Neurons on Cbeebies make their volcano first and this helped us to make our own volcano. You may want to have a look at this video clip so that you can make your own volcanoes at home. Here are some of the pictures of our erupting volcano.






Superman Story Writing


Our favourite film that we used to inspire our writing was this amazing story of superman and his quest to return a camera. The children cheered as he took flight across Metropolis, apprehending bad guys and saving a screaming woman from a burning building before completing his mission and disappearing into the sky. The children absolutely love it and it has enthused their writing and their involvement in this topic.

Ellie produced some lovely written work and showed how the children have used sentence starters, such as ‘As…’ and developed their use of 2A sentences.  Well done year one!

Castle View girls football team and Women’s Super League champions Liverpool Ladies FC

Liverpool Ladies FC visited our school to coach our girls football team. Many players and coaches from the team taught the players passing, dribbling and shooting skills and how to become better footballers. For the final session, they brought the WSL Trophy to show and inspire the girls.

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