Chinese Myths and legends

We have had great fun listening to and watching stories from China this term. Which one was you favourite? Was it the very sad blue willow pattern story? Or did you like The Sea Dragon best of all?

Did  you enjoy our character writing after we watched clips from Kung Fu Panda?

Looking back on our topic web we have been able to tick everything off that you wanted to learn about too!

The art work we have produced as part of this topic is fantastic. our willow pattern cloth and plates certainly get lots of comments when visitors walk into the class. And our lanterns are brilliant. Well done everyone.

I have especially enjoyed the Chinese music we have been making with Mrs. Shakspeare.

To end the topic we will be trying some Chinese food. Get your chopsticks ready. Yum!

Making bird feeders.

The children in the foundation stage class have been concerned that the birds have not got enough to eat because it is winter. We have been putting bread and bird seed on the bird table in our garden. Each child has also made their own bird feeder by following a recipe.
The children then wrote instructions of how to make a bird feeder. We also used tally charts to see how many different types of birds visit our garden. Here at some of the pictures of us feeding the birds and making bird feeders.







Hunting for Dinosaur bones!!

This week the Foundation Stage class have been learning about dinosaurs and went on a hunt to see if we could find any bones or fossils. The children were excellent palaeontologists and found a lot of different bones. The children thought the bones were from a Pterodactyl or T-Rex.
Here are some of the pictures of e bones and fossils the children found.